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What is Radical Thinking?

Radical Thinking is an organic ‘Community Conversation’ with vulnerable individuals and communities of interest.

What is Radical Thought?

Radical Thought is when the Community Conversations are conveyed to local and government authorities and agencies as Action Research. Contact us if you require a FREE Training Needs Analysis of your organisation.

What is Action Research?

Action Research is a cycle of posing questions, gathering data, reflection and deciding on a course of action.

Why should you Think Radically with us?

As researchers we have unrestricted access to the most vulnerable and hard to reach communities. We use methods that are pragmatic and outcome-focussed.

How can Radical Thinking help you?

Send us a brief of your requirements in confidence. Many of our clients are public providers seeking to deliver bespoke and meaningful training and guidance to their staff. We maintain the highest levels of discretion and are selective in the clients we work with. We will never provide training that is not suitable, bespoke or beneficial to your organisation.

Does Radical Thinking have any interests to declare?

Radical Thinking is a Community Interest Training Company that does not accept grants, funding or donations from any individual or organisation.  All profits are used to fund further ‘Community Conversations’ across the UK.

Who should Think Radically?

  • Public sector managers with a remit for PVE
  • Community Engagement Specialists
  • Police and Special Branch, particularly neighbourhood policing teams
  • Prison staff serving in high security establishments and juvenile and YOI establishments
  • Probation Trusts with supervision of offenders in high risk localities
  • Education Authorities
  • Youth workers, particularly in high risk localities